Help in a Crisis

If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing financial difficulty, our team is well equipped to help.

Individuals in crisis: We can help individuals understand their financial position, consider at a high level potential legal issues and outcomes (although we are not lawyers), and explore options to confront financial reality with planning designed to help you get back on track and move forward to a future free of financial burden and problems. We can help you explore options ranging from payment arrangements to debt forgiveness, including bankruptcy and cents-in-the-dollar debt negotiations.

Business Owners in distress: When business is not going well, hard decisions need to be made. We can help you understand your financial position and plan for the future, exploring a range of potential outcomes. While we cannot make the big decisions for you, we can give you support, advice, ideas and options. We have a proven track record helping organisations navigate from difficulty to prosperity. We have done this for clients of various sizes in various industries and can assure you that the sooner you make a decision to tackle the problem, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Not-for-profit associations: The not-for-profit sector is in some ways the lifeblood of the Australian community. However, significant financial challenges are common. We can help you work out your financial position, and identify strategies and choices for you to navigate reality and position your organisation to work towards achieving its mission and goals for years to come.

Your financial potential. Realised.