Financial Planning Services

At Now Accounting we are tax experts providing independent, flexible, fee for service advice that’s objective and tailored to your individual needs. 


Now Accounting Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Our focus is helping you to achieve your retirement spending goals. We can help you look at the Age Pension, Superannuation, Property and Investments, and make realistic decisions to both manage risks and create financial stability for your retirement.


Whatever your age, it’s important to ensure that your Super fund is right for your specific goals and needs. This includes selecting the right investments and insurance cover levels. We can see through the layers of hidden fees and taxes and help you select the right fund for you, including self-managed Super (SMSF).


Now Accounting Wealth Protection
Now Accounting SMSF Advice

Lifestyle Protection / Insurance

The right level of insurance is important to help protect you and your family from the financial impact of adverse events. Now Accounting’s clients can take advantage of commission free premiums costing up to 30% less than commission paying insurance or policies – without the conflict of interest that insurance  commission creates. 


Tax Effective Investment Advice

As registered tax agents, Now Accounting are not just financial advisers, we are tax experts. We can help you invest in a way that is tax effective over the long term, so you can receive better investment returns for your family.

Now Accounting Investment Advice
Now Accounting SMSF Advice

Wealth Creation

Now Accounting can help you avoid get rich quick scams and invest in proven strategies that work over the long term. Our comprehensive wealth creation advice is quality financial advice you can trust. Our family owned business has helped our clients make informed financial decisions since 1979.


Aged Care Specialist

Aged Care decisions can be difficult, with adult children often navigating a complex web of taxation, Age Pension and health care jargon while making choices for parents needing to move into a nursing home. As tax experts and independent financial planners, we can help you make the best decisions without creating tax problems for the next generation.

Now Accounting Investment Advice
Now Accounting SMSF Advice

Now is the time to make your move

Our services are flexible, whether it’s helping you manage your super or investments.  

See us for one-off advice, annual advice or as frequently as you choose – only pay for the services you actually need.

The financial benefit of quality independent planning can far exceed its cost. Our clients often pay lower overall costs for personal advice than they previously were paying to their superfund and investment managers for no advice. You may get the benefit of a professional in your corner for less than your currently paying in fees to your super fund.

Your financial potential. Realised.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get there, with commission-free, independent advice.