What makes us experts in franchising?

Our existing clients include some of the top performing franchisees in Australia, across sectors from education and tuition to vehicle maintenance and food retailing. We know what leads to success in franchising and can help you achieve it too.

Our staff have participated in accountants-only briefings from some of the largest franchise networks (brands like Domino’s, Baker’s Delight, Anytime Fitness, Mortgage Choice and others) and the regulators, including ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper, and ACCC Director Michael Weksler – Small Business & Industry Codes (includes franchising).

We have worked with business owners in many different franchise systems, and we have networked extensively with franchise owners, co-founders, and CEOs to help answer this question: why do some succeed in franchising where so many others fail?

As a result of undertaking significant and ongoing professional development in this area, we are equipped with the industry knowledge and expertise to know to help you be an amazing franchisee.

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, we can provide independent advice and help you decide whether or not the particular opportunity you’re looking at is right for you. It is important to talk to us, or someone with our deep understanding of franchise accounting, prior to signing any leases or franchise agreements.

When it comes to looking at an opportunity, we will actually give you a recommendation and an opinion – rather than just financial information and legal jargon. You won’t be left wondering what we think of the opportunity.


For a specific discussion about your current or potential franchise – with someone who is in your corner – contact us for an obligation-free appointment with Adrian Pinkewich.