Now’s the time for independent financial advice

At Now Accounting we provide quality, fee-for-service advice that you can trust to be in your best interest.  We don’t get paid commissions to recommend particular financial products and our fees are based on the time it takes to provide you with a service.  So there’s no conflict of interest as is often the case withnon-independent financial advisors.

We are full time tax professionals and so we understand things about tax implications of financial planning that the others don’t.  

We’re also 100% independent. 

We have decades of experience in personalised financial planning.

Our family owned business has been giving financial advice to since 1979.

Meetings in person (Paramatta), phone or Zoom (anywhere in Australia). There’s never been a better time to take action!

Are you retirement ready?

We provide Independent financial planning for

   > Retirement Planning
   > Investment Advice

   > Superannuation (all funds)
   > Wealth Creation

   > Lifestyle Protection

   > Aged Care Specialists


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The value of independent advice

  • We don’t get commissions.

  • We don’t get asset-based fees (fees based on how much money you have in a particular investment)

  • We are not owned or influenced by the issuer of the financial products we recommend. 

    These can lead to advice that is not in your best interests as they are a conflict of interest. By simply paying for time you can be confident you’re getting the best financial advice, otherwise you’re getting sales. Most financial planners are biased because they receive commission’s on life insurance and mortgages and they take payments on referring investment properties.

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Now Accounting Retirement Planning

Helping you make informed decisions

Should I buy an investment property or put more into Super?

Can I afford to retire now or should I keep working?

Which investments should I have?

Do I take money out of super to pay off my mortgage?

How do I reduce my tax bill? 

Do I keep my current Super fund or change?

What’s the most tax effective amount to put into Super?

Am I paying too many fees?

Will my insurance be enough to look after my family?

What are the tax implications of selling or renting my parents house now they’re both in a nursing home?

Our Advice Process


Getting your financial plan right takes time as we only provide comprehensive, personalised fee-for-service advice. When we give you advice we consider your age, lifestyle, dreams and goals to ensure we can help you live your best life possible. 

Many clients find independent financial advice more cost effective when all fees are considered, including Superannuation, administration and investment fees

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